School Groups

The “Learning Revolution” was an idea created by Hugh Fitzmaurice. Inspired by the YouTube talk given by Sir. Ken Robinson, Hugh began a collaborative learning group in CBC Monkstown, with fellow teacher Maureen Morgan in 2012.

It started as a gathering of innovative teachers who meet every week in CBC Monkstown, outside school hours, to discuss how they can enhance the quality of the learning experience within the school. The aim of this group is to cultivate a fresh and positive approach to learning in and out of the classroom for both teacher and students.

The Learning Revolution aims to generate a reflective and supportive environment where the teachers’ self-esteem, self- expression and love of learning is fostered and supported. We aim to encourage life long learning and helping people flourish. Each meeting with the Learning Revolution (teachers and sometime students) group involves voluntary and collaborative learning shared in a non judgemental, supportive and caring space where everyone is considered a learner.

The members took a collaborative approach to learning by;

* sharing ideas between departments

* sharing best practice

* brainstorming, experimenting and implementing ways to generate a positive learning environment

* creating new projects to showcase the students and teachers talents (Design Thinking 2015, "In their Shoes"  evening 2016 and Arts Week 2017)

To see video of In their Shoes evening click

* hosting staff seminars in association with the Innovation Academy, UCD

* hosting staff development sessions (external speakers)

* sharing new innovative tools (design thinking and use of IT for learning)

* teacher and student exchange with St. Peters Secondary School in Meath

These meetings have created an environment where the teachers support each other to experiment with new ways to encourage learning, creativity and innovation in the classroom.

The Learning Revolution was showcased at Feilte in 2016 and 2015. As a result of this another school in Kilkenny have also set up a Learning Revolution group within their community.

If you want to find out more about this or how you could set up a group in your school contact or 087-7549450